Workers Comp Information

Dr. Chan and his staff are dedicated to providing comprehensive treatment for injuries of the hand, wrist and elbow in the injured worker. We are keenly aware of the issues unique to treating injured workers.

Our philosophy includes an early, safe and efficient return to work in either light or full duty status. An integrated approach to treatment of the injured worker is imperative, including the worker, physicians, case managers, nurses and therapists.

Digital imaging, an Electronic Health Record and voice recognition software, allows for complete reports to be generated immediately and forwarded to the appropriate case managers. If clarification is needed, Dr. Chan is always available to speak directly with case managers, adjusters, nurses or physicians.

Dr. Chan provides immediate treatment for acute injuries including fractures, lacerations, infections, and tendon and nerve injuries. Many injuries can be treated in the office, but hospital admission or outpatient surgery can be coordinated if needed.

Many acute injuries can be treated immediately in our office.